Enterprise Level Cyber Threats

Rapid innovation in technology has created great
benefits for organizations, but criminals too.
Modern day
Malware as a Service

Cybercriminal challenge skyrockets

Cybercrimes become more and more sophisticated and cunning day by day. Devastating waves of cyberattacks overwhelm cyberspace. Websites and databases get compromised daily. Personal data leaks like unstoppable streams. Bank accounts bleed. Equifax, Deloitte, Dropbox, Ashley Madison Adobe, Linkedin are only a few of the cyberattacks preys whose names come to mind first. Who will be the next one? Everyone is on the fire line today. Everyone is vulnerable, be it a top-level company or a private person. Everyone is a potential target. Thus, nobody can predict the next prey and nobody can feel secure in today's cyber environment.

In addition, we must have the courage to admit the bitter fact of life: cybercriminals are almost always one step ahead of cybersecurity companies.

Why does it all happen? How has it been possible? The answer will surprise you.

Hacker Problem

Perpetrators unite efforts to attack. What about defenders?

One of the most important reasons for this critical situation is the perpetrators' capability to unite their efforts for committing cybercrimes. Every day we meet terms like "malware as a service", "ransomware as a service", "phishing as a service" or "DDoS as a service". It points out that cybercrime has become a well-organized dark industry with consistent and balanced demand and supply chain. Cybercriminals cooperate much better than cybersecurity entities do.

The bitter outcome is they are now able to attack and hide more effectively than security companies able to protect and detect. And it's not surprising, because any powerful organization always overcomes desperate loners no matter how good they are. So we've faced a stunning paradox: bad guys have been able to organize their activity but good guys have not.

The situation is urgent and requires immediate steps. What kind? The way is clear: we, who work in the cybersecurity field, need to unite our efforts to wrestle successfully against cybercriminals. Otherwise, we are doomed to lose this battle.

CTRL Solution
Comodo's response: open full-featured lab for all cybersecurity fighters

That's why Comodo as the long-time leader in the cybersecurity market makes the first, unprecedented step in this direction. We decided to turn our anti-virus lab into a common platform and open service available to everyone who needs help in fighting against multiply cybercriminals' arsenal. We provide access to the most powerful resources of our lab.

We've made available all our detection engines, standard API, and SDK tools to any organization or person who wants to benefit from the powerful antimalware lab capabilities, expertise, and infrastructure. It includes full API to query information on file hashes, domains, URLs, IPs, and reputation ranks; instant static and dynamic file analysis; human experts' analyses, and detailed reports. You can use it to analyze URLs and emails for phishing content, create new methods of malware detection (including machine learning and AI) through SDK, and find many other modern and effective features.

Cybercrime has become a terrifying challenge today. Comodo Threat Labs is our response to it. Join us to keep cyberspace safe and secure.